Besides, Thailand has been facing with the problem of fallen price of agriculture products due to the flooded products in the market. Consequently, Thai argriculture farmers become poorer, and the Nation’s economy becomes unstable. Biodiesel and ethanol project was first initiated in 1974, due to the energy crisis at that time, and urgent need for other sources of oil alternatives. With great interests and encouragements of the Thai King on renewable energy development, the research on biofuel was launched and that was one of solutions to helping the poor farmers too.      
Energy Crisis has continuously been a major problem to all countries of the World, including Thailand. This crisis is due to the rapid expansion of economics and industries, resulting in a rise in demand for energy supply. Inevitably, Thailand is one of the rapid growing countries in this region, in terms of the Industries, Automotives as well as Transportations, as a result Thailand required higher demand of energy, while still importing 90% of crude oil from foreign countries.    



         The Renewable Energy Institute of  Thailand Foundation has objectives to support and publicize good knowledge and understanding of conversion agricultural product into biofuel, and also, to take a role in promotion of policy on biofuel and other sources of renewable energy usage, as well as to carry through the research and development renewable energy and biofuel.
Main objectives

  • To promote and publicize the knowledge and understanding of converting of agricultural product into biofuel
  • To promote and organize academic activities to develop the knowledge base and technology on energy development
  • To promote and take a role in putting forward the development of ethanol and biodiesel policy
  • To collborate with other charitable foundations and organisations for the benefit of public communities
  •  None of the foundation activities are involved with Politics

To provide knowledge and current trend of  the renewable energy situation, to all regions in the societies 


Interesting Activities of Renewable Energy Institute of Thailand Foundation
        Friday 20th  March 2009 : IBF World Ethanol Boxing Match of Bantamweight Class, taking place at a temporary boxing ring situated at Benjama-Thep-Utith School, Petchburi Province. This fight is between “Tang Thong Eveready”, a Thai Boxing Champian and “Jonel Alivio” a Phillipino boxer.
Monday 22th December 2009 : 2nd  Round Table Talk of Energy Focus on the topic “ The Present and the Future of Solar Energy in Thailand ” organised by the Renewable Energy Institute of Thailand Foundation in collaboration with the Standing Committee on Energy, House of Representatives,  at Budget Meeting Room, 3rd floor, Paliament Building 3, U-Thong Nai Rd., Bangkok.
Friday 28th  November 2008 : 1st Round Table Talk of Energy Focus on the topic “Present and Future of Wind Energy in Thailand” at Chaopraya Park Hotel, Ratchadapisek Rd., Bangkok.
Saturday 18th Oct 2008 : Annual Seminar on Energy Trend in 2008, on the topic of  “ Alternatives and Solutions to Energy Crisis of  Present to Future” being held at Chaopraya Ballroom, Chaopraya Park Hotel, Ratchada Rd.,Bangkok.
14th March 2008 : World Ethanol Boxing Match being held at Chaopraya Park Hotel.
3rd December 2008 : Annual Seminar on Energy Trend in 2008, being held at Chaopraya Park Hotel, Ratchada Rd., Bangkok.


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